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IPL treatment for MGD

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  • IPL treatment for MGD

    Has anyone had IPL treatment and what was the outcome, any info gratefully received. Thanks

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    I m very interested to know this as well. If you have had IPL, please write a quick post about it, whether it was successful or not. Please help your fellow dry eye sufferers!


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      As you can see i have had no responses dnvira!
      I am considering the treatment - though it is not cheap - i will certainly let you know the outcome!


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          I have had 1 IPL treatment for Rosacea which my eye specialist told me will also work for dry eyes. He recommended 4 and told me were to asks the lady to zap for eye relief but so far it hasn't worked. Am having another go in a few weeks. Will update.


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            The doctor needs to express the glands after the IPL treatment.


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              thanks for the link PG and everyone else for the info. Im going to give IPL a go and see what happens, will update in due course


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                Hi there. I have had 2 IPL treatments.

                After my first treatment, I did not experience any benefits.

                Two weeks after my first treatment, I went in for my second session. I did not notice a difference right away, however, after a day or so - I have been A LOT better. My improvement is very noticeable, both for comfort and for visual appearance. I have been experiencing the benefits for about 2 weeks now and I honestly could not be happier. When i wake up in the mornings, my eyes are still red, towards the end of the night my eyes are also a little red, but during the day, they are not as red and so much more comfortable. I can now read my computer without squinting and using drops 15+ times a day.

                Keep in mind I am maintaining my regular lid hygiene, taking fish oil twice daily, heat packs and 50mg doxy every day too. although I have been doing this for about 4 months and I have really onlu noticed an improvement after my second IPL treatment.

                So in summary, I would highly recommend IPL as it worked for me, well it has worked for me so far. I think it is important to try a few different things to see what works for you (especially as you say, IPL is expensive). I pay $200 AUD every time I attend the specialist just for the IPL but for me, it has been worth every cent.

                I hope this gives you some positivity and hope.


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                  Thanks Dan!


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                    I am posting my results here