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My IPL Success - and thank you!

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  • My IPL Success - and thank you!

    Hi all

    This is my first thread on here, so I am quite excited to write to you all!!!

    My Dry Eye
    I have been experiencing dry eye (caused by MGD/bleph) for about 10 months now. I really only experience problems in my left eye. I am a lawyer and I spent 10+ hours a day in the office, reading allllll day. The combination of my red eyes, the discomfort, the noticeable impact on my ability to perform my job and the comments from friends/colleagues - I can say that I was on a downward slope of panic and my confidence was definitely on the down! As you can all relate I am sure - the dry eye was affecting me mentally and emotionally as much as it was physically.

    My Treatment
    I begun seeing a specialist (Australia) almost immediately after i noticed ongoing symptoms. My treatment and expereicne has been as follows:
    - general lid hygiene by itself - not effective
    - topical cream coupled with hygiene - not effective
    - patanol eye drops coupled with hygiene - somewhat effective but not sustainable
    - FML steroid drops coupled with hygiene - effective but not sustainable
    - doxy 100mg coupled with hygiene - noticeable improvements but not sustainable long term
    - doxy 50mg coupled with hygiene - noticeable improvements but not sustainable long term.

    From this I can say that doxy is effective, for me, The symptoms are minimal - I really only experience sun sensitivity, which is definitely something I need to be aware of seeing as I love exercise outside. Despite the noticeable benefits from doxy, I was still not extremely happy and had some issues with my eyes, I wanted to further my improvement and see what else was available. I queried IPL with my specialist - he told me there is NO harm trying it, BUT the research on it was not solid and that it may not work - but he was more than happy for me to try it.

    IPL Treatment
    I have been for 2 IPL treatments now ($200 each). I can report the following:
    - first IPL treatment - no benefits.
    - second IPL treatment - no benefit right away, but after a day or two, A LOT better. It has been 2 - 3 weeks since my second IPL treatment and my eyes are still better! They are not 100%, I still wake up with red eyes and at night time, they get slightly red. However, MGD/dry eye is not cureable, just manageable. The IPL has significantly improved my life and mood, I am so much happier and I cant believe the relief it has provided me (especially given the comments from my specialist!).
    - third IPL treatment is in two weeks' time - I cannot wait! I can also comment that IPL, for me, is painless and it is very quick! No side effects at all.

    - I am so much happier
    - IPL is great
    - I wanted to share my story with you all to help those considering IPL and to share a success story (even though I am only 2 weeks in - I am hopeful the success will continue).
    - with lubricating drops twice a day, fish oil, Zaditen allergy drops twice a day and IPL - I think I am able to manage my MGD and dry eye long term - fingers crossed!

    Maybe this might help you too? MGD and dry eye is so frustrating and debilitating I wish nothing but the best for us all!

    I also wanted to thank everyone on this site. this site has been a constant source of information and somewhat comforting to hear everyone's experiences. I was feeling rather isolated and alone in this before i discovered this site. I was beginning to think that no one understood how frustrated and how uncomfortable I was, but this site helped me. However, at times, I found, in my low moments, that the threats about defeat brought me down more! Hence I am super excited to share my story with you all and I really hope this message of positivity brings someone in a low moment a glimpse of light!

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    Do you have any updates after your third IPL treatment? I am considering IPL as well.