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Any new research on IPL?

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  • Any new research on IPL?

    I have had success for two years with PROSE lenses, but I have developed a nodule on the sclera in my right eye, and my eye gets inflamed when I wear the lens. I was on Lotemax for a month without wearing the lens; the ophthalmologist thinks I should be able to wear the lens again, but I've tried it a few times and my eye gets inflamed again. The nearest PROSE clinic to me is in San Francisco at UCSF but it is temporarily closed while a new PROSE doctor is being trained at BFS. When the clinic re-opens, I will see if it is possible to fit the lens around the nodule but I doubt that I'll be able to wear a scleral lens in my right eye again. Without the lens, my eyes are extremely sensitive to light, and I get blurry vision. Even when I wear the scleral lens in my left eye, I still perceive that both eyes are photophobic, and focusing is difficult for reading and driving.

    I went back to square one, looking for alternative treatments that I have not yet tried and came upon a flurry of posts about IPL in 2009. There are no clinics near where I live that do IPL treatments; I could fly to Las Vegas and have it there, but from what I read, it would entail at least four treatments at the beginning and then one or two a year. They are not covered by insurance, and I assume they are expensive. I have mild rosacea and posterior blepharitis that does not respond to hot compresses or medication. The ophthalmologist said it might be caused by ocular rosacea, but he said treating blepharitis is the same whether or not it is caused by ocular rosacea. I did read that IPL may work for people with ocular rosacea. I don't see clinical trials, though, only case studies. On the one hand, I would think that if IPL were so successful, every eye clinic would be using it by now since it has been over six years since it was introduced and promoted. On the other hand, there are still clinics that are offering it, and the numbers seem to be growing. But the doctor who is promoting the procedure and writing the reports derives benefits from the company that makes the machine that delivers the IPL treatment so this is not unbiased research. I'd like to find some unbiased studies and hear from people who have had the treatment.

    I hope that there are people currently on the forum who have tried IPL and are willing to share their experience. If there is a chance it will help me, I would be willing to travel to a clinic that offers this treatment. Thanks!