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  • IPL success!!

    Hi everyone,

    I just want to give a good news story!

    I have MGD (diagnosed just 4 months ago), I'm 33 and I was so scared when it first happened. My NHS optometrist just told me to use eye drops and hot compresses, but when I came across this forum I realised I needed to take my own action and pay to see a private specialist.
    I went to BBR in Hereford who were brilliant. They did a bunch of diagnostic tests and really listened to me and calmed my anxiety.
    My TBUT was 3 seconds in my left eye and 6 in my right, and my oil was like butter. Not great! I didn't need Lipiflow as my glands are all open, just very sluggish.

    I did my first IPL last Wednesday, and in the last 6 days I've used eye drops maybe 6 times in total! Down from about 4-6 times per day! My eyes feel 95% normal! I no longer have stinging and burning in my eyes, except a handful of days where I stay up too late, which I will happily take!
    And this is after the first treatment! They said I probably won't feel any improvement until my 3rd session but I feel a huge improvement to the point that I am no longer thinking about my eyes except pure joy.
    I have read up on it, and some people are considered early responders and will feel the benefit straight away, it seems that's me!
    For all of those who think they can't be treated, please please please consider IPL!
    I'm no longer depressed and anxious, I feel great!
    All I'm doing at the moment is my relaxing hot compresses twice a day, and using EvoTears once or twice a day if I need to (but mostly no drops at all). I wear EyeSeals 4.0 to bed, and that's it!

    It's only because of this forum that I took matters into my own hands and paid for private care, and I'm so glad I did.

    I'll update again after my second session.

    Good luck everyone

    Cat xx

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    Wow. So happy for you.
    Wish you get even better.
    This forum is so amazing, I agree.
    It was life saver for me.