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  • Blephex

    Anyone know anything about Blephex?

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    Hi fourchimneys
    I don't have any experience with Blephex but I bought a product which looks very similar to Blephex but is a lot cheaper and works so good! I haven't been able to find anything before that really helps but the Style'n'Clean pen which it's called really helps me with my Blepharitis. I started using it every morning and evening but now i've scaled down to only using it in the mornings. It's very easy to use and cleans your eyelids, ridding them of any dandruff or scales. It also came with a cleansing gel which I use afterwards that takes care of the swelling of my eyelids. Hope this helps


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      Hiya, I tried it about six months the ago, my optometrist was really excited for me to try it and kept telling me of other clients who said it was amazing, afterwards my eyes felt a bit beat up for a while then visibility looked clear and less swollen around three days later. I didn't feel a great deal of difference regarding the dryness alas,but my blepth is more "on the mild side" (despite having low tbut) so it may be that it just wasn't right for me though.

      Eyes returned to there normal appearance about a month later.
      I would still recommend it, if it made my eyes look better some where it was helping, just to pricy for me to get done every week, but apparently for many others it lasts much longer then that and the effectiveness can last for up to six months.
      People have recovered, so can we.


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        I did get a BlephX treatment but I'm really sure it did anything and at $200 a pop and suggested every other month, it is not a possibility for me.

        I would like ask again here IS BLEPHX covered by Medicare or any health insurance plans. I'm being told yes by my insurance agent and NO with a panic attack by my doctor's office. The later told me that my insurance agent who sold me my extended Medicare plan, could not have contacted Medicare and asked for that information and that even I could not get that info from Medicare because simply will not tell you what is covered and what is not. I tried calling Medicare and waited for 2 hours and gave up.

        Is anyone here getting IPL for Ocular R. or Blephx Treatments covered by their medical insurance?