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Can manual gland expression or blephex cause any harm?

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  • Can manual gland expression or blephex cause any harm?

    Has anyone heard anything about manual gland expression (performed by an ophthalmologist) or the Blephex proceedure having any risks? Just wondering, since it seems as though the meibomian glands are pretty fragile, and from what I read, a lot of pressure is used during the manual gland expression using a paddle. If anyone has heard any professional opinions on this, good or bad, please share. Thanks.

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    There was this doctor's article and discussion on manual gland expression posted some years back, however it was mainly targeted at self-expression rather than by an ophthalmologist, in case it's of use still here you go:
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      I wasn't told of any dire risks. It's like popping blackheads.They do use a forcep and it does hurt. Of course if you squirm and are in great pain, they use less pressure.