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Anyone tried Blephex?

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  • Anyone tried Blephex?

    I heard about a new treatment called Blephex and I was thinking about trying it out. Has anyone tried it? How was your experience?
    Most important, is it safe?

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    Would also like to know more about this


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      Hmmmm there's been discussion about this off and on on the Facebook groups but I guess not here. I've known some who liked it and others who didn't. I noticed at a conference last fall that some consultants to the Lipiflow people were pushing it as an adjunct to lipiflow. To what extent that's driven by actual improved outcomes I don't know....
      Rebecca Petris
      The Dry Eye Foundation


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        I have not done BlephEx as my doctor, who has the tool, said I did not need it since my lids were so clean
        nor did she detect demodex.

        Just found this informative/interesting discussion (as of 30/5/2018) from the top American doctors. Hope it helps.
        Both Dr Hovanesian and Dr McDonald (now) combine (1st) BlephEx and (then) LipiFlow for better results.

        BlephEx to Treat Dry Eye Symptoms
        John A. Hovanesian, MD; William B. Trattler, MD; and Jennifer Loh, MD; join Marguerite McDonald, MD, to discuss the role of BlephEx (RySurg) in their practices to treat patients with dry eye. Find out more about the safety and efficacy of this procedure and how it works in combination with other treatments. The surgeons also explain how they educate patients about the benefits of BlephEx.

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