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Eyelid ache after expression

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  • Eyelid ache after expression

    I tried expressing a spot on my lower eyelid (easiest bit right?). I thought I was gentle and nothing seemed to happen but later it started to ache, hope I didn't do any significant harm, has anyone ever done real damage doing this?
    prevention is better than cure, but not for eyes?

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    Hi, its Minni here (of the zany bumper-stickers
    I recently tried expressing my lower lids, following instructions on a forum posting.

    I did not feel aching afterward, but I was careful to avoid letting the Q-tip slip over the lid (onto cornea) as per said instructions.

    I read your previous thread, so here's some input:

    (1) I have a Thermalon pack, though not the eye-sized one, rather a 3M-size one.
    To be frank, my homemade flaxseed-pack (made with corduroy & flax-seeds) I have found to be much more comfortable, flexible & moisturizing.
    I find my homemade flaxseed pack to be superior to rice or therapearls or thermalon-beads.
    I made my neighbor an eye-sized (long & skinny) flax-pack using cotton-jersey from a Walmart-pillowcase.
    That was even more flexible & better, especially since I inserted it into a cover from that same jersey-pillowcase. She absolutely loved it in conjunction with Refresh-Plus. Said it revived her eyes.
    For anyone who can't tolerate the smell of hot flax, it can be a drawback.
    I personally tolerate it, nor do I mind when it sometimes has a burnt smell.

    (2) Thoroughly smearing Nordykes Wound-Honey onto your Lids - I find doesn't harm.
    And may even heal. You can add a tiny dab water (after smearing) to make eyelid a BIT less sticky. Too much might take away the sticky-healing-effect.
    Above all, learn to listen to obey your body's instincts, as animals do
    You can try:
    first - a mix of flaxoil & licorice-extract (alcohol-free).
    .........smear on the flaxoil-licorice combo, and store the mix in 2oz. bottle in fridge.
    .............mine looks like this:
    then, on top of that, smear in Nordykes Wound-Honey per the above
    then, on top of that, you might try smearing on avocado butter
    ....but avocado butter is VERY optional AS IS the flaxoilicorice
    .......most healing of the lot is probably Wound-Honey

    (3) brave experimenters might try some plain (NONphenolated) calamine lotion UNDER the WoundHoney (calamine-Nordykes-layering helped my poison ivy). Again, its something experimental which i've not tried yet. ITS MERELY A THOUGHT (as is using Aveeno anti-itch lotion).
    Another which didn't really harm my lids, is: G.U.M.Canker-X.
    ...but I only tried Canker-X twice, and think the wound-honey may be better.
    Yes, Canker-X has BAK which heals some guys' Blepharitis (via Wet-Ones), but may harm others.

    (4) Here's what's really soothing - I smear some White-Tiger-Balm (or vapoRub or tiny-drop-PURE-mintOil) on my temples, which helps cool my eye area & refreshes it. But it helps even more, when I apply the mint-rub(s) in conjunction with placing a G-Midifier right near my forced-air-heat-vent. HOWEVER - Gmidifier only works in a very-small room. Mine is 10'x10'. And it only works well if placed right near the hot-airVent.

    (5) I'm also PM'ing you w/some more input, as this post may grow tedious.
    CHEERIO! HELIO! Dry Eye Minni