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  • Vibrational Therapy

    In May I tried Vibrational Therapy with a very popular(6mth waiting list) osteopath for my dry eye problems (after Lasik). This therapy uses spinal and cranial realignment and then electrostatic and magnetic vibrations to activate the body (ie stimulate nerves) to heal itself. There are 4 treatments plus another a month later (and more if needed). I would not rave about the results - nothing instantly - though I was relieved of some sinus ache. My eyes have been a bit better over the last month with very careful management and awesome wet weather with high humidity. However they packed up today - maybe because it is sunny and frosty and I was outdoors most of yesterday (with wraparound sunglasses).
    Has anyone else heard of this therapy? It is supposed to be good for sinus problems (and a multitude of other complaints). My neck was out and he did some cranial adjustment (and the rest of my spine was OK). I was hoping there was nothing in my eye plugs that could be attracted to the magnet but they were OK. My feelings are that it could help with sinus troubles but I am a bit dubious about any positive effects for dry eyes.
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    I had about eight sessions with a cranio-sacral therapist in San Diego a few years back. People swore this guy was an incredibly gifted healer.


    Didn't hurt me, though, and his treatments (more physical manipulation than what you described) were pretty relaxing


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      I have a "vibrating eye mask." It's something I bought about 6 years ago over the internet. It's based on the Chinese method of acupressure--or something. I've been acupunctured, massaged, manipulated, acupressured, and just about anything else you can think of. Same thing, Neil. Zip.

      I think these things make us feel good and any relief or "good" comes from that. I am not going to wait for this new thing, Dotanne, and will take your word for it. Actually, perhaps I can start my own similar business with my vibrating eyemask!

      then electrostatic and magnetic vibrations to activate
      Those words, or something similar are on the box of my Chinese vibrating eyemask.
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        Anything to do with straightening or realigning the spine scares the heck out of me. Have heard horror stories about it...


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          am i going to hell for laughing at this thread?


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            If it's legal and not likely harmful, and it's remotely affordable, I am game for trying anything that will help this dang affliction.
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