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  • Amalgan

    Maybe something interesting and maybe a tiny help:
    I have often read that amalgan can cause dry eyes.
    Last week my doc told me that I have too much amalgan in my body. dont ask why. I probably eat too much cheap chicken and salt water fish.
    Anyways: She put me on a algae- diet to clean my body.
    So, if anyone is interested about that... I can write more about it...
    Take care!

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    Alexandra-do you mean amalguM............instead of amalguN?

    Trying to clarify because I'd never heard of amalgun and did a search on google. I'm confused (which is easy to do) by the spelling of the word.
    Not sure which you mean.
    Don't trust any refractive surgeon with YOUR eyes.

    The Dry Eye Queen


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      sorry, i thought that amalgan is the enlish word for that thing too.
      i dont know how you call it in english. its the stuff they used to put into the holes in your teeth. metall. "heavy metall" is the exact translation from german to english.
      probably many on you have read before, that amalgan can cause dry eyes. but the interesting think is, that it seems that one can have too much amalgan in ones body even if one has never had amalgan in ones teeth.
      so it might be a little chance... ;-)


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        look at this link

        It says:

        Another eye problem related to mercury is dry eyes. Several clinics have had success with improvements after amalgam relacement. The other eye problem known to sometimes be related to mercury is macula degeneration. The buildup of mercury in the eye is similar to in Fuch's, etc. and causes clouding and degeneration. Someone I know says a relative got better after amalgam replacement. The following are a few abstracts or references I'm aware of.