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Retinal Problems and Weight Lifting

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  • Retinal Problems and Weight Lifting

    HI to all
    I had pre operative check ups and findings were-

    1-Retina is thinner compared to what it should be.Doctor said its thin by birth Both eye has same thin retina.Because of which i cannot get 20/20 vision ever.I would be unable to read last 2-3 lines with such a retina.It simply means retinal detachment risk is greater.

    2-Vitreous degeneration is present.Which means i m at greater risk for retina detachment.However retina specialist told that retina is thin but from birth, retina has not been detached and its a good thing.But i am advised to check retina quarterly.

    3-Im myopic.Means my eyes axial length is larger.This is also associated with retinal detachment.

    Im advised not to do heavy lifting and give as less stress to body as possible and avoiding strenuous activities.
    This means i will be compelled to put a big cross on my gym which i was doing for past 2 years including heavy weight lifting in the gym.

    Anyone here has any of these issues with retina ? need their opinion and experiences as i want to start light weight exercises.
    Really need to be a ROCK to take the pain!

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    Hi Hirentherock,
    Glad you are doing well after your surgery!! You and I private messaged before your procedure. I, too have thin retinas due to being a high myopic. I have had tears and holes in both of my eyes and have been lucky to be able to have laser treatments to fix. I have never had a full detachment. My retina doc has never mentioned stressful exercising to me. The first time I had a tear was after lifting a medium weight pot in my garden. What exactly is considered strenuous activity?? Would running be a no-no?


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      Well yes...

      Myopic eyes have tendency to have Vitreous Degeneration means the gel like substance which is present in between retina and lense is of a degenerative nature and turns into liquified format rathen than a gel.The remaining substances of the gel tends to gather near retina and push it at times too.This clouding of the substances near retina causes Flashes and Floaters.

      Past decade of so i experience small floaters in my eyes.But luckily didnt have tear on retina yet. I have Vitreous Degeneration as well.I went though some researches on web.I found that previously theory was getting denied that weight lifting causes retinal detachment.But now its confirmed from patients experiences that strenuous activities causes vitreous to push harder on the retina and enhances chances of a tear or full detachment.

      I read a few articles which im posting here for your questions.

      My retina doctor told me strictly not to do heavy lifting at all.At that time i had not read these articles so could not ask if running also causes detachment.

      Im disappointed reading these as i had made gyming my passion but unfortunately i will have to leave it.Probably jogging also.
      Really need to be a ROCK to take the pain!


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        Slightly different scenario but I was told after my LASIK not to do any strenuous exercising for at least 6 weeks. Also told me to wait 3 months if I wanted to be 100% safe. It's due to the increase in Intraocular pressure that exercising causes.


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          ok so what exactly very myopic people cant do?I had something in my retina lasered but have no idea what it was.I saw just fine so was it a tear?
          and how heavy are the weights one cant lift?A 15kg backpack worn on the back would be fine?I'd like to travel;/
          i have -15 so its particularly dangerous..
          I am such an active,travel-lover and you are now telling me that packpacking is not for me since the packpack is heavy?and i cant jog?now way...i think its time to kill myself.;p