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Anybody have any clue about this

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  • Anybody have any clue about this
    Raw eating cures all deceases.
    whole body cure is eye cure
    FOOD (Natural, chemical free), Environment (air, water, noise), Relaxed Mind makes decease free

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    Examination of eye and lung tissue sections indeed revealed significant pathology in both as indicated by the pathology scores (Fig. 1AC). In slit lamp examination, various degrees of teary, red eyes were observed with minor ciliary flush and conjunctival injections. Some discharge was noticed in more severe cases at the peak of the inflammatory reaction. In representative examples, RSV proteins could also be detected in situ by indirect immunofluorescence of eye and lung sections
    That's all that can be seen in the slit-lamp. Note how the virus was identified through eye tissue section but you would think some viruses and fungi could be identified through swab and examination. Do ophthalmologists not talk to microbiologists?

    It is to be noted that childhood RSV [viral] infection often predisposes an individual to environmental allergens and asthma later in life
    Yep. We need to help the immune system. A most important point being that the immune system is changing and developing through childhood and adolescence, with periods of important change, like weaning and puberty. This is why care and treatment is best done by doctors who have studied and are skilled in paediatric medicine. Children and young people's bodies respond differently to adult drugs, disease and treatments.

    I am very impatient with an ophthalmologist who is not interested in symptoms in other body parts and continues to treat only the eye without investigating the cause - somebody else's problem, you think? Although it is difficult to identify infections and swabs would be needed from parts other than the eye, it is a great fail not to try.

    If anyone hasn't seen this, take a look. 3 years before this lady finally got a swab to identify the resistant bacterium, then instant cure was effected.!!!!!
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    Paediatric ocular rosacea ~ primum non nocere