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Mucus layer for sure!.

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  • Mucus layer for sure!.

    As one of the 3 ingrediants of the tear, do you overlook the Mucus?, Oil gets it's fair share of discussion, as does Aqueas defficiency.
    Only when youre head/thoughts get back in control did things start to fall into place- like they used to.
    My trouble started almost 2 years ago, and only came to forefront when i got something in my eye(scratch) and it would not heal- i blamed this for all my trouble, as do many people blame an 'incident'. It did become a weight of my mind when i worked out that my 'ebrasion' would not heal because my tear composition was bad. I was a time bomb just waiting to go off! and the next time i got something in my eye, it would all 'kick-off'..
    I reckon Nerve damage or rather worst possible nerve damage is temporary, mine got worse and worse from this point, no doubt aided by mental meltdown..
    Once i realised what helps and what to avoid, 12 months plus of doing what is best (managing my eyes) has surely resulted in new cells? Nerves? replacing knackerd ones = LESS PAIN!, now almost none!!, and been off the drops, infact ANY medication for some time now!.
    If you are still doing exactly what you were doing that got you in this mess in the first place? then think about it???.
    Do opthamolagists delve closely enough into quality of tear? cos i came back 'aqueas'- not too bad, 'oil' not got Bleph... Resulting in me being 'taken out of the loop' appointments cancelled, 'an expert' advising me to simply stop doing everything, and all but telling me to my face "stop wasting our time"
    I've had mucus/sinus issues since a child, and too be crude, fortunatly i work outdoors pretty much alone, so would clear my nose/throat on a regular basis , in winter of 2011 i noticed that i could not breath out my right nostril completely! could not inhale, or exhale, the left was partially blocked as both are normally (as an example, i have never been able to eat with my mouth closed as i need to inhale, a bit embarrasing to say the least-lol).
    Ive found that immediatly after eating my airways become clear for some reason? using Anadin extra clears my airways completely only to clog up again slowly, in the immediate time after doing ANADIN/putting one finger over ane nostril only and clearing the other or eating has improvement without fail!!.. This takes place somewhere well back, as shoving a finger up my nose does not encounter a blockage .. I also clear my my airways as much as possible now, and they are nowhere near as bad as this time last year when this all started. Coupled with the coldest driest weather in living memory and heating on etc in my van and home(oblivious at this point) this is when it all started. Working outside keeps my nose as clear as possible(fresh air) being indoors artificial heat causes airways blockage straight away. Now getting mucus again in my throat (i know) like i used to proir to winter 2011 for some reason it is not just causing a mucus traffic jam, am now able to release it. And i try to help it along also-lol. I now am back with the living and in control, and expect to get even better when i get round to seeing my G.P about some sort of nasal/sinus medication..
    Thanks for listening, and if even just 1 person benefits from 'clearer airways' like me, i will be happy....

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    Hello Colin.
    Is what you are saying that you think your dry eye problems are related to the sinuses? Just so that I understand, How will that impact on the mucus goblet cells in the eyes?

    Just curious, since I too have a blocked nose in the winter, and had 8 weeks of sinus problems before the onset of dry eyes. Now I use the saline rinse for my nose almost every day, and looks like it helps, but eyes are still dry with TBUT 2-3 only... Doc says bad quality and composition of tears...


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      That is intresting Sunshine.. It may just be that the good things for my eyes, like fresh outside air, or food is also unblocking my sinuses? being at home when the heating comes on, causes breathing difficulty/blockage to the extent, that at the time of this all starting, i could not breath whatsoever through my right nostril no matter how much i tried. I am not being seen at the moment by anyone, so can only speculate?. I do find that when i can breath nasaly completely free, my eyes are also at there best... I have no idea what part the mucus layer plays in the eye (elasticity?) how the mucus gets there? or if it could possibly be restricted or a connection to sinuses-eyes supply?...