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mercury in mouth-does removing it help dry eye?

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  • mercury in mouth-does removing it help dry eye?

    anyone on here had mercury removed fromtheir mouth?? if so did it help with your dryness??? i see al these articles stating mercury can cause autoimmune... i have sjogrens.. i am not sure how to get tested for mercury..

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    Jenny, that is a question that has been presented on another board I visit (Sjogrens). There was a discussion about different ingredients in fillings etc. Someone was going to have two fillings removed next week. I think the consensus was that it wasn't likely to cure anything like they are thinking. Even if removing all of the fillings I have to see if it would help dry eyes, I'd be toothless and broke. I'd suggest that would be a long shot and a very expensive one. They even mentioned being exposed to the "poison" while it was being taken out. That is indeed, IF, the filling materials were toxic.
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      Hi Jenny: I was a dental hygienist in my former life. I have had either gold or porcelin fillings for over 30 years, not a hint of amalgam left. I developed Sjogren's 2 years ago. There is a lot of 'scare' stuff re: amalgam fillings but the reality of it is that the mercury in your fillings is inert and can only be released if the filling is ground down and mercury vapors are released. The study that was done to determine how much mercury is released was done on sheep. People masticate (chew) by biting up and down, we don't grind. Sheep on the other hand masticate by grinding side to side like a grist mill. Your fillings are old and hard, the fillings placed in the study animals were fresh and soft. Long story short the results of that study when measuring the mercury vapor released as the animals chewed has very little bearing on what really happens when a human chews.

      Lucy was correct that there is a lot of mercury vapor released when you take out an amalgam which you are inhaling and swallowing plus absorbing through the mucosa (skin inside your mouth) which is very thin. If you leave them alone you will not be subjected to all of that mercury vapor. I think that would be a very dangerous thing to do.

      Having said that you can indeed get tested for mercury with a EDTA/DMPS challenge combined with a blood test. I did that and found my mercury levels were not alarmingly high but nonetheless I got chelation done to get rid of what I do have. It is a costly process and I am not yet finished. Hope this helps