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Dry eye big vision problems

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  • Dry eye big vision problems

    I'm new, diagnosed with dry eye. I never even realized my eyes were dry somehow. I've been having trouble with my vision, so I went to the eye doctor. She did all sorts of things and said my vision was 20/30, which is good considering I feel like I can't see at all. She changed the lenses back and forth until I found one that was right, but it was still all kinds of blurry. She dyed my eyes and used that test to determine I have dry eye. Can dry eye really cause that much of a severe problem with vision?

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    It seems some people do and some people don't. I definitely have significant vision issues with my dry eye.

    I'm not sure how people DON'T have vision problems with dry eye. I would think that if your tear film is disrupted you would experience some visual effect.