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Corneal abrasion+blurry vision- how long to heal?

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  • Corneal abrasion+blurry vision- how long to heal?

    Hi everyone hope you're well.

    I am in a pretty upset state and could really use any feedback at all about my problem. I went for meibomian gland probing and the doctor used a jojoba based anesthesia which he made at his office, on my eyes. No protective lens or anything was put in. Everything went well until I got home and found myself in a lot of pain.Some hours later returning to the doctor, he instilled painkiller then protective lenses and said I got chemical burn on my corneas because of the anesthesia ("applied too liberally").

    That was a couple of days ago. Today he said I'm almost completely healed (luckily!). The problem is I can't see well at all! It's at the point where I can't drive or do many simple every day things. The doctor said he thinks it will get better and didn't show much worry. But he would not tell me how long this could take to heal.

    At the moment I am feeling really worried that my vision will stay like this for a long time or indefinitely (especially since he said i'm almost completely healed- is this as good as it gets?)
    I know it is early days, but some insight or advice would really go a long way!
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    Hi, so sorry to hear this happened to you, very scary!! I've had several corneal abrasions, just from being so dry and blinking. I have not had any experience with blurred vision from them tho, I suppose if they were bad enough and directly over my pupil that would make a difference, not sure. I would be very concerned too, and would expect the Doctor to be more straight forward with you about why your vision is blurred, and yes how long will it take. I hope that by the time you read this your vision has improved. please update so we all know your ok.


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      Hi Christine. Thank you so much for your concern.
      My abrasions were on the bottom half of the cornea, covering some of the iris. I am very relieved to say that my vision restored in a matter of days (5-6) after starting this thread. At my check up the same doctor told me I was doing very well. I have an appointment coming up with Dr. Latkany, NYC. I will have a chance to get a second opinion from him when I'm there and will be sure to write if anything is still wrong (hope not!).
      Take care