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Aloe Vera for Blepharitis

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  • Aloe Vera for Blepharitis

    According to :
    How is aloe vera used to help blepharitis?
    Aloe vera is a traditional remedy for dry skin or skin with scrapes or mild burns. Some ophthalmologists now recommend its use to help stimulate tear production. You can buy aloe vera in many health food stores. Be sure to get 99% pure, fragrance-free, clear, non-mentholated aloe vera any other product will harm your eyes.

    Although aloe vera is expected to sting sharply for a minute or two even for a person with mild dry eyes, for someone with severe dry eye, putting even a very small amount of aloe vera directly into the eye can cause too much pain and thus be counterproductive. Instead, the following three subsections describe ways to use aloe vera either indirectly (on the eyelids) or in a diluted form.

    Anyone try this? If so, does it work? Where did you buy the aloe vera?