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Ambiem - Sleep medication

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  • Ambiem - Sleep medication

    Anyone knows if we can take Ambien, or lunesta or any sleep aid medication? at least once in a while? I was prescribed ambiem for a week for fatigue and lack of sleep. Those nights I sleep the enrire 8 hrs. I know it'll be benefitial for the eye a "good night sleep" BUT I have no idea if this medication can cause more dryeness to the eye.....
    For now I just take 1 benadry at night , taht helps with my allergies and to fall sleep but it waers out and I wake up at 3am or so.
    Dr eyes caused by long term contact lens wear

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    My experience

    I have a medical sleep disorder. I take Ambien and have for about 2 years. (Only thing we've found that makes me sleep) Benedryl does too but it is an antihistamine. And Antihistamines are extremely drying. I personally think you would be better off with an Ambien since you have dry eyes. The way I take Ambien is: break the pill in about 1/2. Sleep until I wake up (usually about 1-2:00A.M.), then I get up, go to the bathroom, put more gel in my eyes and take the other half of the pill. Then I finish sleeping the rest of the night. This is working for me. But if you HAVE to take the Benadryl, I'd leave off the Ambien. Just my personal opinion. What you might try doing is try the Ambien one night without taking the Benadryl and see if you notice any drying effects from it.

    Please remember I'm not a doctor and I'm not promoting that anyone take prescription sleep meds if you don't have to have them.



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      Thanks. I'll ask my dr to prescribe it again. I wouldn't want to take it every day. Only when I can't fall sleep. Tahks for the reply. I'll check with the ophtalmologist., I'm seeing him on the 13th.
      Dr eyes caused by long term contact lens wear


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        I need a little help sleeping through the night and have success with a nutritional supplement. I take 3mg of a supplement called melatonin and find it very helpful. I started with 1mg and worked my way up until I found a dose that worked well. I also take time-release melatonin once in awhile. Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that helps control the body's sleep cycle. We produce less of it as we age. Not that I'm old .

        I don't have any negative eye side effects from it other than my eyes feel a little sticky sometimes upon awakening but nothing that a shot of NutraTear doesn't relieve. I've taken it for six months or so and sleep like a baby.

        If you want to read up on it, try this link I don't use the Life Extension products because I am happy with the product I've found at my local health food store but is a very good source for supplement and health information.

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