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    I am having difficulty with the glare of the computer screen. The brightness of it seems to hurt my eyes. Do any of you have any suggestions for something that might help me. Wearing sunglasses is not an option at this time. Can't afford another pair of 799.00 glasses. I need prescription bifocals and the last pair were terrible. Also the bifocals are difficult to use because of the tilting of the head to see the screen. Kills your neck. I use reading glasses to see the screen and I can't find full vision reading glasses that are tinted. Any suggestions?


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    I would suggest a glare filter for your monitor. You can usually find them at most office supply stores. Do a bit of research to find out which ones are best, as this is a product that you tend to get what you pay for. It will be money well spent. Also place the monitor away from a window or other direct source of light. I believe I bought my filters at Staples online. There are also special desks that allow you to place the monitor below the desk top, so you can look down at it. This is the very ergonomic fix, and also a rather costly one.
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      Good ideas

      I would love the desk, but I just got a new computer desk, red cherry wood, huge, and my husband just bought it for me for my birthday last year. Can't replace it. But the glare cover for my screen is an excellent idea too. I'm ordering one today.



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        Thank you for posting this as i hope there is a way round this problem. I have a problem with the glare of my pc, somedays worse than others. I have just this afternoon logged a request to order a galre filter at work.

        I also have the screen as low down on the stand as i can so that i am looking down at it, and the glasses i wear for PC use have an anti glare coating on them.

        Read a post a while ago that this problem has caused people to change careers, and i must admit i am giving this some thought, not many jobs these days that don't involve Pc's however.