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Mucus Fishing Syndrome

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  • Mucus Fishing Syndrome

    Whenever I see a discussion of this, I have to smile because I think I actually introduced it to this group. I found a reference to the thread, but I cannot locate the original thread. I don't know where I first came across the term, but it sure stuck with me, and I have seen numerous examples through the years. The term was coined in 1985 by Dallas ophthalmologist, James P. McCulley and co-authors in this paper:

    Ophthalmology. 1985 Sep;92(9):1262-5.
    Mucus fishing syndrome. McCulley JP, Moore MB, Matoba AY.
    The only paper I can find documenting a successful treatment strategy is this one. I'll include portions of the abstract.

    Optometry. 2001 Oct;72(10):634-40.Links
    Mucus fishing syndrome: case report and new treatment option.
    Slagle WS, Slagle AM, Brough GH.
    Virginia Eye Clinic, Salem Veteran's Affairs Medical Center, 24153, USA.

    CASE REPORT: Presented is a case of mucus fishing syndrome initiated by dry eye. The patient's diagnosis, MFS, was identified by persistent mucous discharge, his admittance and demonstration of digitally extracting mucus from the ocular surface, and a characteristic rose bengal staining pattern. The conventional treatment initiated by using artificial tears for the dry eye condition and educating the patient not to touch the ocular surface did not provide relief from the excess mucous discharge. Therefore, a new approach to treatment was pursued. In order to break the cycle, a mucolytic agent and an antihistamine-mast cell stabilizer were prescribed, until the ocular surface healed. After treatment, the patient reported alleviation of symptoms and demonstrated improvement in ocular surface integrity by a profound reduction in rose bengal staining.