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  • You Tube Disturbing Video

    I was watching the FDA Lasik Hearing clips on You Tube. There was this man speaking for a guy who was a parapalegic due to a swimming pool accident. The man was explaining this handicapped gentleman needed to wear glasses and now that he was handicapped with limited use of his arms putting on and off his glasses was very difficult. He often needed someone to put them on for him and it made him feel very un-independent (is that even a word?! You understand) Anyway, there is this lasik doctor that gives lasik for free to handicapped people such as this gentleman to help them gain independence and an element of freedom. So thank God this guy in question had a great outcome and is happy. But then I was thinking, what about the others this doctor does lasik on? What if some of them have bad outcomes? What if in addition to living a life with one permanent disability they then have to also live a life where they have eye pain too??? Instead of gaining independence those people would have to have their care givers administer eye drops and gels throughout the day. That is way worse than having them put on their glasses in the morning!! And what about the ones that have visual complications that cannot be helped with glasses any longer?! I know this doctor means well but does he realize the gamble these already handicapped people are taking?? If you ask me it's WAY to big of a risk!!!
    This whole thing just blows me away!!

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    LasikLady, this "generous" lasik surgeon was there to "balance" the lasik debate. If someone has a bad outcome, someone wants to report a good one to sort of "balance" things. I know what you're saying. But, this is probably a big improvement for the paraplygic person. If he/she has a bad lasik outcome, it's their problem. They have as much chance as we do/did. Lucy
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