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Flu shot and dry eyes

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  • Flu shot and dry eyes

    Does anyone know if there may be a correlation between the flu shot and dry eyes...such as one of those triggers for ocular rosacea?

    I remember feeling really bad this time last year, when I got my flu shot. I want to get my flu shot again this time....but, just in case, I wanted to make sure that there is NO correlation. Iwould very much rahter have the flu than worsening of my eyes.

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    I get a flu shot every year, and my eyes have never reacted. I don't think the flu shot really affects eyes, but you might want to ask your ophthalmologist to be sure.
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      I don't think there is a connection. Because the flu shots are given at the same time of year you might consider season allergies or increase in the use of forced air in the buildings where you are. This time of year I have to double the humidifiers in my environment.


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        I just had a conversation with my doc yesterday about flu shots. In particular, there is one extremely rare side affect (according to the sheet) called oculo-respiratory syndrome. I am so sensitive about anything affecting my eyes at this point that the word "oculo" jumped off the page at me, and I thought I should check with him. It's a very very rare side effect, which causes "red" eyes for a day or two and I was advised to absolutely NOT worry about it.