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Heavy Metals and Dry eyes could it be a cause.

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  • Heavy Metals and Dry eyes could it be a cause.

    There is a rise in Dry eyes. It seems the number keeps growing, more and more people are getting dry eyes. There has to be something that is causing it. Is there anyone out there that thinks the rise in heavy metals in people could be something that is causing this. I am curious to know how many people out in the country have dry eyes compared to a city. I never had dry eyes and approx 2 and half years ago I moved to a house that is very close to a very busy highway. Of course I am going to be exposed to a higher amount of pollution therefore have a higher amount of heavy metals in my system. Any thoughts or ideas from anyone out there?

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    I believe there is a connection. However, it is not surprising that some people with a higher than normal exposure to heavy metals do not suffer with dry eyes. It's perhaps due to genetic luck of the draw.

    Heavy metals can cause hormone imbalance and immune system issues, that is for certain. Heavy metals such as lead, mercury, aluminium and so on choke cell receptors so that hormones, along with vitamins and minerals cannot be as effective within our body tissues.

    It is true that more and more hormone imbalances are caused by industrial pollution and xeno-estrogens. Urban life exacerbates this.