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Experiences with TheraLife Vitamins??

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    And I totally know how it is, Faith. It really messed up my life for about 4 years. So I totally get what you are saying!


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      I will go for testing at the end of the month, I think I'll start with the basic stuff. I even have those little bumps underneath my lids which my specialist says is just from chronic irritation, but I have read Dr. Latkany has told many ppl on here that those can be allergies. I do get nasal burning but very seldom. No other real allergic symptoms.

      I am getting a stronger version of Restasis on Thursday compounded, and sclerals. I know these didn't work for you but I have to try everything I guess? BUT an allergy test will be on my list for sure!!

      Steroids helped me ALOT ...did u try them? I mean they help dry eye and allergies so its hard to know which I have (or both)


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        I don't know if you saw my post on my allergist, but I'd recommend seeing one who does testing and immunology the way he does because it's so much better and works so much faster! I got allergy tests/shots from a regular allergist for awhile but it was crap, and the shots take months, if not years to work!

        Steroids didn't help me