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Acupuncture and A-F Betafood...and some other things

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  • Acupuncture and A-F Betafood...and some other things

    I went to Acupuncture yesterday and got the A-F betafood supplement. I take 2 daily with food. Will report after about a month.
    What I have bought/wasted money on recently:

    Tobradex Ointment-$50.00 after insurance= No help

    Freshkote Drops from Amazon=$35.00 after shipping=With ocular rosacea I am learning that drops (any kind) make things worse. So this was no help. Also these drops left wierd residue in my lashes that made them feel drier. Can't return.

    Minocycline 100mg 2x daily=$10.00 with insurance. I've been taking this for a little over a month. Maybe see a difference? I have been expressing my lids daily after a shower (no hot compress) and I think I am seeing more oil (thick and off white/murky) coming out.

    Probiotic- over the counter $15.00 once a real difference. Taking this for about the same time as Minocyline.

    Fish oil/Flax Oil 4x daily so about 8 pills a day= Less than $20.00= I used to only take one flax and one fish daily, but over the last two weeks I really upped this dosage. Maybe this is contributing to the rise in oil?

    NAC- $18.00 I think from GNC. I take it 2x daily between meals for the last two weeks. No noticeable difference yet but maybe it's also contributing to the oil.

    Seasonique birth control- Have not started yet but I found when I get my peiod my eyes are worse. Soooo, my dr prescribed this 3 month, higher estrogren? pill. its 150.00 after insurance, without would be around $300.00. I was on a low dose generic (free) That had about 10% estrogen ( Ok, and I know the number is right I just cant remember what it is) and Seasonique has 30%.

    Humidifier in house and office- Air-O-swiss $160.00 at Bed Bath and Beyond. Helps at home but not so much in the office because I'm in an open space. (BTW the humidity is 20.6%) As Rebecca pointed out the reccomended level is 20-50%. Canada is even higher.

    Synergeyes/Mini Sclerals- Waiting for these to come in. I tried one synergyes lenses that had a higher RX in it so it was really blurry. It was easy to put it but SO hard getting out. Honestly, could not really tell if it helped because of the blurriness and being only in one eye. My appt is next Friday.

    IPL - 350.00 each visit went 3 times to the Las Vegas Wellish Eye Institute. NO HELP! The doc was nice though, he said if after the 3rd treatment no help, then I should just stop. I did.

    Lower plugs- Yes, these do make my eyes feel a tiny bit better. Free with insurance.

    Upper plugs- Too much overflow not enough oil. Took these out a week later.

    Lots of other things, but this post is getting too long.

    Guess that's all for now. I wish there was a way we didn't have to spend thousands of dollars on stuff that didn't work. When something works for one or two ppl I go out and buy it. BUT I am getting smarter about this. I am really appreciative of the moderators for making sure that commercial interests are not allowed on this site to sell things. After reading back posts about Theralife vitamins it really seemed to me that the doc/inventor was pushing them. Also, there was a doc on here a few months ago that pm'd me about hormone cream and tried to "help" me get hooked up with a doc in my area. He actually got mad at me when I asked for his background info/license. So thank you Rebecca and all for keeping this site free of scammers!

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    Originally posted by Katewest View Post
    Freshkote Drops from Amazon=$35.00 after shipping=With ocular rosacea I am learning that drops (any kind) make things worse. So this was no help. Also these drops left wierd residue in my lashes that made them feel drier. Can't return.
    I got some Freshkote on Wednesday afternoon. I used the drops a couple of times, went to bed and woke a couple of hours later with my eyes ON FIRE! I couldn't even open them in the dark... SO much pain. When I could finally peek in the mirror, my eyes were bright red. Today (Friday), my eyes are still red but at least the pain is gone.

    I'm like you - I hear of something and end up buying it. I never learn. I think I just have to live with my eyes the way they are now... which is unbearable, but at least I know it's possible to be worse. That realization sucks though.


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      I am the exact same way, hear something works for one person I feel like I NEED it.. I guess for me the hope is worth the money lol. It's different in Canada as medicine doesn't cost as much. Haven't tried the freshkote lol doesn't appeal to me but have spent thousands on treatments slash prescriptions. I am a sucker.. I also feel like corporations are taking advantage of our pain trying to make a quick buck, and sadly it's working....


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        Kate, you are one valiant woman! I think you have tried more in several months than I have in three years! I think the things that have helped me the most are the simplest: a ruthless warm compress, expression and cleansing regimen coupled with goggles, TheraTears Nutrition and TheraTears eyedrops. Cutting out the sugar, glutens and processed food has helped. A regular plan for stress management was a salvation. It all takes awhile, a really really long while for some of us to feel better. I now have moderate dry eye, and three years ago I had severe dry eye. Still not what I want, but getting closer! I know how you feel. spmcc, I was super excited about FreshKote, but not impressed. Did not have the extreme reaction you had, but it didn't work magic either. The only difference was that I didn't have quite as much on-going mucous. I guess most of us keep trying everything we can find. I'd love to have a big piece of chocolate cake with lots of icing, and wish someone would publish a scholarly paper saying chocolate cake cures dry eye. I would try it at premium price and without guilt!


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          That's not even everything I've tried!! I try like 3 things at a time usually so it's hard to tell what is helpful or not. It is obvious though when things don't work i.e Freshkote and heat packs. I do think doing basic things like diet and exercise are good. I also think environment is huge. I believe once I move out of the desert and can find a work from home job I will be much better. But until then I guess I have to keep trying things. I am excited and doubtful at the same time about the Synergyes lenses on Friday. I really hope they work but I also am so pessimistic at this point. I am still holding out for Boston lenses in May if nothing else has helped by then.
          LaDiva-I've been so bad with sweets and chocolate this week! Everyone in the office brings treats in. Its so hard not to!