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living on milk helped me, might help you

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  • living on milk helped me, might help you

    Hello, folks, it has been interesting although saddening reading some of your stories. I will tell you one thing that helped me with eye pain. It is an extreme solution, but for me it has worked quite well: for the last seven years, and currently, I have been living on milk. Every day I drink somewhere between one and two gallons of cow skim milk, and really hardly eat or drink anything else. It really seems to make my eyes feel tolerable. I think the reason is that milk is a very easy food for the body to process because it is made from food that has already been broken up by the mother. I have tried the kind of diet that nutritionists recommend, which is fruits and vegetables, and fish; but for me that diet didn't work, and I had eye pain on it. But when I returned to milk, my eyes felt better, and tolerable. Since my body probably doesn't work too differently from other people's, I would guess that since it worked for me, it might work for others. In truth I can't see any harm from trying. Living on milk you might miss a few nutrients, but I believe it has enough of the important ones that one does okay. If people on dryeyezone tried it for a few weeks and it wasn't working for them, I suppose they could stop it, and return to whatever they were doing. But wouldn't it be nice if it helped them as it has helped me?
    My primary care physician knows about the diet and is okay with it. She says if it works for the patient, then she's okay with it.
    The diet may sound a bit monotonous, but surprisingly in practice it's quite enjoyable. Milk tastes quite nice and is quite refreshing. For me I'm really motivated to do it because it makes me feel better physically. It might work that way for other people as well.
    If you do try it, would you let me know how it goes, whether it works for you, and how well, doesn't work, or whatever your experience is. If it turns out it works for people other than me, I can spread the word.
    The idea isn't mine. I got it from the Masai tribe of Kenya, who are famous for living only on food from their cattle, beef and milk. I just emphasize the milk part

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    Sup dude I think I saw you post this on youtube and I think its great that you posted this on here to help people but my parents said that milk is bad for you I dont know if they are right or wrong