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  • Best diet for Dry eyes

    Hi guys, I'd been feeling horrible the past months so I decided to see if I'll notice any improvements with a strict diet for a month. My question is which actual diet is the best for dry eye.

    Thanks a lot

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    If it were me, I'd try a strict "anti-inflammatory" diet - low in carbs, no sugar, lots of fresh vegies, no processed foods - it made a huge difference for me (although is hard to maintain the willpower to stick with long-term hehe) - Dr. Latkany discusses that a bit in his book, - in my case, the version of this diet I used was from book called The Rosacea Diet, by Brady Barrows. (Most of the info in that book is questionable theories of his... but the diet guidelines he suggests are worth a go.)

    Good luck!
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      I could feel a great improvement after starting eating fish every day. I'm also taking sea buckthorn, primrose and fish oil, but the moment I stopped eating fish my improvement just went away, so now I'm starting again.


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        Thanks guys, I'll try to do that diet. I notice a tremendous difference when I actually eat Salmon, specially the skin too so I'll incorporate that in my diet and see what the results are.