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Dry eye (MGD) and exercise?

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  • Dry eye (MGD) and exercise?

    Hi I noticed that whenever I do exercise like play soccer and my body temperature gets high my dry eyes get temporarily relieved and the excess tearing stops for about 10 minutes does anyone know why? Could it be that my high body temperature after exercise makes my eyes produce more oils temporarily until it cools down?

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    For sure cardio exercise does help. I didn't notice it at first, but as my dry eye got worse it suddenly dawned on me that my eyes felt better during and immediately after exercise. When I first saw my current eye doctor, one of the things he recommended was to do cardio at least twice a week.

    As for why your eyes feel better - it could be that cardio has some sort of anti-inflammatory effect on your body. It is also possible that chemicals released during exercise work to numb the pain in your eyes.
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