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Diet dilemmas!

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  • Diet dilemmas!

    Hey guys....

    Iím going to finally make diet adjustments in order to try and help my eyes (MGD+ATD) and have lots of food intolerances to cut out (soy, yeast, dairy, eggs, almonds etc)

    i just donít know what direction to go in with my diet apart from eliminating my food intolerances! I know some people have had success with the paleo diet on this forum, but plant based seems very popular these days naturopath seems to really favour plant based and doesnít seem to like much meat in the diet!

    I just canít decide which one to go for as they are both obviously very different! Are there others on this forum who have had success with specific diets?

    i have been reading quite a bit about paleo today! It seems to help a range of conditions! I just donít know!

    Anyones Advice would be greatly appreciated as Iím feeling very confused lol!

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    Hi IrishEyes

    American eye doctor, Laura Periman, MD, recommended her patient, aged 25 who looks 20 yrs older, to buy the book,
    'The Whole 30', and follow it. In two months, it helped.

    Just found this interesting short video (actually for doctors) recently. She also mentioned about GLA.
    There is also an article - in case you can not watch the video.

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