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    Originally posted by Katewest View Post
    I did the MRT test which tests for food sensitivities. It was 350 all not covered. I'm glad I did it but I know I'm reactive to certain foods that were not on my list…like tuna and yogurt. So I take it with a grain of salt.
    Hi Katewest, I tried replying to your message but received the following error: "Katewest has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space." Guess you should delete some old messages!


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      ok fixed it!


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        Originally posted by Katewest View Post
        ok fixed it!
        Hmm I still got the same error for some reason. Could you just message me your email address instead? Thanks!


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          [QUOTE=Faith1989;88756]I am in the SAME boat, lids are so inflamed (eyes actually look clear though?!) that ill do ANYTHING!! I am still eating a small amount of fruit (half an apple) in the morning. I still need to cut out grains (like rice). Look up Jessica Adams, she said it took her a year of no sugar but her dry eye is gone! She actually checks back in every year or so to tell us it is still gone (which is much appreciated) I think even SMALL improvements can be a sign it may work, so even if right now we have bad days we can't give up.. What's another year at this point lol


          hello girls
          you can do it but can't assure you it will help ....
          I did a year of chicken beef egg rice potato carrot andwater nothing else to manage rosecea . Not sure if it or time helped but eyes much better and bloating tummy problems went away . now everything is super sweet or salty. and id rather home food.
          You can do it!!! but don't b as extreme as me


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            I did the Alcat test. I didn't do any special preparation for it and didn't even know that I could or should until I spoke with someone at a local health food store about it. The test was not ordered by Dr. ******. It was ordered by a DO who I decided to see at the time. Dr. ****** was supportive. I had all sorts of co-morbidities at the time: mgd, saponification, and the list goes on and on.

            IMO, if you test positive for a sensitivity to a food, what is the harm in eliminating the food for 3-9 months, depending on the severity of the sensitivity. At least, if you are desperate like I was and willing to try anything, give it a go and see what happens.

            That was the attitude with which I approached the test results, which to me seemed overwhelming since the list of foods to which I had sensitivities was so extensive. But I had a choice to make. Ignore the test results or eliminate the foods.

            I chose to eliminate all the foods.

            Friends helped me come up with recipes that would get me through the nine months. One in particular went out of her way to shop for me because I still had a hard time reading anything back then and when you do a diet like this you have to read labels. Rice, for example, is in many gluten-free baked goods and rice was one of the foods I had a sensitivity to.

            Allergies and sensitivities are very different. I went to see an allergist who explained this to me and told me she did not treat for food sensitivities. So I was on my own, armed with the Alcat test results and my very good friend.

            But I did not rely only on the Alcat test results. There were other foods that I knew I shouldn't consume for whatever other reason e.g. contraindication with medicine for hypothyroidism, chocolate because I break out, foods high in Omega 6's because they are pro-inflammatory, etc.

            So the list of foods that I could consume became very limited. Plus Alcat recommended a 4-day rotation diet. Again, my attitude was what would I have to lose as long as I still ate a healthy (for me) diet and drank plenty of water.

            It was a personal choice and it was difficult. But it was worth it, IMO.

            For a while I kept a daily food diary so that I would be sure not to repeat any foods too often.

            After 9 months I started to add back foods one at a time to see what effect they might have. Cooked tomatoes are still an issue as is chocolate. I continue to be gluten-free and avoid anything that slows down thyroid activity.

            It's a personal choice. The proof is in the results. But you have to try it to see what happens. It's just you and the supermarket and your kitchen.

            No one else is in there with you. If you don't agree with the test results, and you don't follow their advice, and you still have problems, well, that's a choice you make. I made my choice, and it worked for me just fine.

            There are other tests besides Alcat. My husband had a different food sensitivity test done on the orders of another doctor. I don't recall the name of the test. He doesn't follow it at all and he continues to have problems. But he wasn't as desperate as I was for relief. He doesn't have mgd and he doesn't have saponification which, if you have it, is just as horrible as sounds: soap in the eye, 24/7. But that's his choice. And I made mine.


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              As it was, after my ELISA testing, I had no problem cutting out the foods it found I was allergic/sensitive to. I was already not eating them! hahaha. So easy!