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Supplements Question (Fishoil/Black)

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  • Supplements Question (Fishoil/Black)

    Hello everyone, I asked this in the Patient forum but I think this is the better place to ask about this particular issue.

    I suffer from MGD and Evaporative dry eye.
    I'd been taking Hydroeyes for the past 4 months with absolutely no results so far. So I wanted to know if perhaps adding extra pills of Omega 3 Fish oil and Black Currant Seed Oil to my Hydroeye would actually create a difference and I would be able to feel better or is it too much of a dosage and would be counterproductive? Please help.

    This is what I'm looking to buy.

    Or really any type of suggestion of what can I take 'extra' to the Hydroeyes pills to get better, I'd really appreciate.
    Thanks alot!


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    You can give it try but overdoing it has not fared all that well in my experience. All I ended up with was an emptier wallet and...lots of bruises (fish oil supplements can increase bruising). You could try it for a month and see...but it could be nothing more than diminishing returns. My dose: 2 krill oil capsules, 2 sea buckthorn capsules. I tried doubling but couldn't see a difference. PM me if you have questions.


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      I like this one


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        I tried so many. Now I just use the Theratears brand from Wal Mart and honestly, these seem just as good as all the others I have tried.