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Special diet for curing dry eye disease

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  • Special diet for curing dry eye disease


    What do You think about this special diet treatment for curing dry eye disease?
    I have OSDI around 40 and dry eye disease caused by Sjögren's syndrome
    My story can be read here

    so I noticed that when patients ask doctors about curing dry eye disease with a special diet they are laughed at by doctors. And vice versa, when doctors recommend a special diet for curing dry eye disease they are laughed at by patients
    while special diet might be efficient cure for dry eye disease as reported by other users in this forum

    There have been stories about people on this forum who, after being on a special diet for at least half a year, resurrected themselves from their graves (recovered from dry eye disease)
    You can read about their stories below

    I am currently trying out this special diet on myself and I will try to report about that in this topic and on this forum. If this special diet won't be effective enough for me then I might try more restrictive AIP diet recommended for people with autoimmune disease
    I personally noticed that I can control, suppress and keep in constant remission my inflammatory bowel disease (Ulcerative Colitis) by consuming mesalazine pills 2,5 grams per day. Mesalazine is anti-inflammatory and inhibits pro-inflammatory substances or precursors like arachidonic acid, leukotriens, prostaglandins and interleukins
    I think that similar principle might be in work with dry eyes when You treat them with anti-inflammatory omega-3 acids, DHA, EPA, ALA, omega-6 GLA and vitamins important for the eyes A,D,E,K

    I read that almost every person in the West has constant nutrient deficiencies in their diet. Especially these omega acids DHA, EPA, ALA, GLA and vitamins
    There is some information stating that deficiency of these above acids leads to dry eyes, dry skin and eczema
    Also people in the West have disturbed balance proportion between omega-6 and omega-3 acids. I've read that the common diet of the person from the West has proportion between omega-3 and omega-6 acids around 1:15, sometimes even 1:25, when it should be lesser than 1:5. The Paleo diet of our paleolithic ancestors had a proportion between omega-3 and omega-6 around 1:1. Omega-6 acids are generally pro-
    inflammatory and omega-3 acids anti-inflammatory in our bodies
    I've read that animal meat shouldn't be eaten in AIP diet, except bio-fishes. Fishes contain a lot of good omega-3 acids, when meat other than fishes contain a lot of omega-6 which is said to disturb the balance proportion between omega-3 and omega-6

    I'm going to consume this food every day in my new diet
    1 big teaspoon of extra virgin cod liver oil, approximately 6 ml, with 1,5 g of omega-3 acids including EPA, DHA or occasionally 100 g of bio fish meat instead of oil
    1 big teaspoon of extra virgin flaxseed oil, approximately 6 ml with omega-3 acids including ALA
    1 teaspoon, approximately 5 ml of oil containing GLA, like borage, primrose or black currant oil
    home made kefir - some people on this forum mentioned that it has good microbiome bacteria which help in autoimmune diseases
    honey, which contains good carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals

    for 1 and 2 breakfasts
    oatmeal with milk
    sandwich with butter, cheese, and lentil pasta

    for dinner
    vegetable salad made of cucumbers, carrots, radishes, pepper, tomato

    for supper
    cooked potatoes, cooked eggs, cooked broccoli or cauliflower
    I am concerned if some of this food contains too much omega-6, if this is too much food then some can be removed

    Some people on this forum recommended additional consumption of coconut oil but I couldn't find any information proving that it is helpful for dry eyes or autoimmune disease, maybe it is good for supplementing remaining nutrients, what do You think about it?
    1 teaspoon of extra virgin coconut oil, approximately 5 ml, which has saturated acids, and some vitamins
    Cod liver, borage, primrose, black-currant oils might be available in pharmacies, other healthy food might be available in bio markets

    if You have any suggestions then they are welcome
    perhaps something should be added or removed from my new diet

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    I have an update for this topic, what do You think about these diet suggestions?

    I found out another interesting food supplement, I will try it out
    Sea buckthorn oil - it is well touted in several articles. It is said to contain four omega fatty acids, omega-3, omega-6, omega-7 and omega-9. It also contains many vitamins and minerals
    1 teaspoon, approximately 5 ml of sea buckthorn oil every day

    I think that coconut oil might not be necessary for a special diet for dry eye disease. I couldn't find any information saying that it is good for the eyes. Coconut oil doesn't contain many ingredients, mostly saturated fats. So I think it can be discarded from a special diet. Maybe it would be useful in case of diet with fats deficiency

    These sites can be useful for checking the diet and checking nutrients of the food

    Also I have an idea for fast food preparation using powerful 2000W blender/mixer to create salad cocktails of various foods
    AIP diet favors fruits and vegetables over eggs, milk and sandwiches with butter/cheese
    so for breakfast there could be a cocktail mix of various fruits, for dinner cocktail mix of various vegetables and for supper something easily digestible

    I found out that nutritional yeast is a very abundant source of all B vitamins, and a source of some minerals. I am going to try it out
    1 teaspoon, approximately 4 g of nutritional yeast every day

    I found out that garlic is also quite an abundant source of all vitamins and minerals. several cloves of garlic alongside with some onion, ginger, turmeric could be added to vegetable mix every day

    if You have any suggestions then they are welcome
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      Thank you !