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Does anyone have experience with Lysine?

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  • Does anyone have experience with Lysine?

    The lysine 500 mg supplement says that it supports immune function and tissue growth. Both of these functions sound like they could help some of us (if the lysine worked its way to the eye region).

    Has anyone taken Lysine and seen improvement in their dry eye symptoms? Anyone talked to their MD about Lysine?

    I'm considering adding Lysine to my supplement list, but I'm hoping to get a little more info. since it did not show up on the dryeyezone search engine. Thanks for any input.
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    Uhhh.... interesting, I'm taking some L-Lysine for a month and my eyes are getting better but I thought it was also teh omegas firsh oil (Biotears) that I've been taking again since mid October. I take L Lysine to prevent cold sores.
    Dr eyes caused by long term contact lens wear


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      I used L-Lysine capsules for a couple of years--everyday--because I had read they prevent lips herpes breakouts. (I guess they sorta did). Anyway, THEN I read that you have to "take breaks" from using it (don't use it continually) for it be effective. The effect was pretty subtle--and I didn't notice any difference in my dry eyes.


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        not for me

        My rheumatologist recommended L-Lysine for the mouth sores that some people get from methotrexate (immune system regulator) and I've found that it does work for me, but sadly I have to say that it's done nothing for my dry eyes.



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          Has anyone had IPL treatments for dry eyes, and noticed it made your eyes worse…
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