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Oasis tears (eye drop)

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  • Oasis tears (eye drop)

    My eye doctor recommended these and gave me a couple of vials. They're only available at the doctor's office, but they're not a prescription item. He said his patients do well with them.

    Here my "review":

    Pros: "8 out of 10" for comfort and duration. I would consider using them as a backup to FreshKote or Dwelle during the day. They don't sting, and don't blur vision, which is good. They're better than Tears Naturale Free, which I use occasionally.

    Cons: very expensive. The vials only hold slightly more than 4 drops. The cap is recloseable, but you could not "over-drop" without some serious deflation to your wallet. They are sold (here) for $18 for a box of 30 (Oasis Tears regular) or $20 for Oasis Tears Plus, which is almost .70 per vial.

    I have decide not to buy any, since I'm doing well right now with what I use (FreshKote, Dwelle, Tears Naturale Free). Mainly due to the high cost, I wouldn't include them in my regimen.


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    Thanks for the review!


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      Due to the viscosity of that TEAR you may have to tap the side while holding the tip down to get the maximum volume of drops out. Typically the vial contains 6-8 drops.

      Also the unique combination of ingrediants will require less drops over time to accomplish the desired level of comfort. My wife started out with 6-7 applications a day within 90 days she was down to 3-4 and at 12 months she is down to 2-3.


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        Update on review:

        I found that when I use it in my "bad" eye---at the end of the day when it's most dry---it doesn't spread well across the eye surface. Tends to form an uncomfortable glob. Does your wife notice anything like that?

        And it's true, you do have the shake down the vial to get all the drops out. It's definitely not "generous" though. But maybe that's a good thing. It's not a drop that you would use to rinse debris out of your eyes. Sparingly is good.



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          She has never complained of that. I will ask.