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  • question re: Viva Drops

    Has anyone used the Viva Drops by Vision Pharmaceuticals? I have been using them for 4 weeks and was wondering if anyone has had any luck with them. There was a study of Viva Drops (Vitamin A eye drops) versus Restasis. I also use Dwelle (for 2 weeks), and Oasis Tears Plus (for 1 week) How long before I notice a difference in my eyes with the Dwelle eye drops or the Oasis Tears Plus?
    After menopause will my eyes be back to normal or will they continue to be dry? I am in my mid forties, had a right ocular migraine last year x 1, developed dry eye symptoms in right eye. Using goggles over prescription eye wear, my prescription is too bad for 7 eye glasses. Have 4 punctal plugs, take doxycycline 100 mg every day. Drink at least 60 ounces of water a day, Omega 3 vitamins, Evening primrose oil, multivitamin, grapeseed extract, magnesium, vit c, and vit d. Have humidifiers in the house. Any other suggestions or advice would be helpful?

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    Juliet, are you using all those drops concurrently? If so, that is a bit much.
    I can't tell from your post.

    How long before I notice a difference in my eyes with the Dwelle eye drops or the Oasis Tears Plus?
    There isn't a clear answer on this one, because the drops may not help you or they might irritate you at some point. Usually after a couple of weeks, you can tell if something has a positive effect. Using more than one new thing is confusing because if there is a positive result, you're not sure which drop it was.

    After menopause will my eyes be back to normal or will they continue to be dry?
    They will likely continue to be dry, unless you find certain drops, oils etc than help out. I think being in or out of menopause isn't a positive feature for us.
    I've taken HRT and gone off HRT and it had no effect on my eye situation.

    my prescription is too bad for 7 eye glasses.
    What do you mean by that, Juliet? Are you referring to a goggle type glasses for your RX glasses?
    Don't trust any refractive surgeon with YOUR eyes.

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      First off, HI LUCE!!

      Juliet, I have used Viva drops in the past. I remember liking them best after they were refrigerated. I have used Dwelle and a long time ago, used them exclusively for severe dry eye. I now use them once in awhile as a night-time drop. NutraTear is my drop of choice.

      I hated Oasis drops.

      I am post-menopause but just recently went back on HRT (bio-identical, subcutaneous pellets) after a years long hiatus and am doing well. Suggestions would be using a warm compress and light lid massage in the morning and perhaps a light, silky sleep mask at night.

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        Viva Drops, Dwelle and menopause

        I had a right eye ocular migraine x1 in 2008. I started to develop different symptoms in my right eye early 2009. Saw an eye doctor, he said I had dry eye and gave me a bottle of Systane and a bottle of Ibuprofen eye drops. I asked if there was any correlation between the ocular migraine and the symptoms in my right eye I was having. The eye doctor said I was sleeping on my pillow wrong. Needless to say I changed eye doctors. I am now going to a great group of eye doctors, and they are trying their best to help me. They think that I have ocular restacea, as I am of English descent. But it could also be hormones as I am 45 years old.
        I have used Systane, Refresh products, Genteal products, Soothe, Thera Tears, Optive and Bion Tears. I try to use the preservative free eye drops if possible. I have plugged all four tear ducts, have humidifiers in the house that run all day and night. I only got a little relief from Systane,but I still had the same dry eye issues, blurry vision, ache, heavy eyelid, and photosensitivity and switched to Viva Drops recommended by my eye doctor to give them a try. I don't know if the Viva drops are helping yet or not. I have also started using Dwelle, for about two weeks. I have also started using Oasis Tears Plus. You are right I should reduce the number of type of drops that I am using. But how do you know if an eye drop is working, will you suddenly be normal again?
        I still have the same symptoms involving my right eye : aching eye, heavy eye lid, blurry vision, and photosensitivity when my eye is dry. I work in a hospital and have to wear eye protection, so I wear moisture goggles over my prescription eye wear. I tried to get the 7 eye or Panoptyx wrap around moisture goggles, but my far vision is too bad. The optician said they cannot get my prescription to wrap around and still be able to see. I am going to try those rectangular moisture panels that will be attached to my prescription glasses, see the Dry Eye Yellow Pages.
        I am also on Doxycycline 100 mg daily for the past two months. I haven't noticed a change. I did try the heated rice in a nylon stocking but didn't notice a change though it did feel good.
        I drink at least 60 ounces of water a day, take Omgea 3, Evening Primrose Oil, multivitamin, Vit D, Vit C. and Magnesium. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you all so much