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  • Oasis

    Has anybody tried Oasis drops yet?
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    Hey Diana,

    Calli66 reviewed them, scroll down a little in this same forum to see her thread. I have yet to try them. Are you still having success?

    - Rose


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      Why thank you, Rose. Had I bothered to look I would have seen Calli66's review.

      I had luck with the drops for two days and haven't had a good day since. I've finished my box and definitely feel they were pretty good, but not quite good enough to spend the money on it. I like that they do not burn and they do seen to last. Still, I have a long way to go to find the kind of comfort I ache for.

      Perhaps I'll try Dwelle at night since it serves me so well then, and do the Oasis upon awakening and throughout the day. I'll think about that. So glad I can get Dwelle again!!

      Never play leapfrog with a unicorn.


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        Oh, Diana, I wish you were feeling better. My eyes are burning as write this.....I too ache for more comfort. I hope all is well with the new baby and the family.


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          I am using them.

          I started when my first box arrived but I have been in terrible pain the last month or two so I put them away and reached for the lotemax instead, I figured I should bring the inflammation down to give them a chance to do their stuff, plus they are so pricey I didn't want to be wasting them when I needed something stronger.

          This week I am back to using them, along with Genteal Gel at night. I am also wearing my goggles full time and doing everthing else within my power to give them the best chance of working.

          I find when they go in they do feel like a "glob" of soemthing in the eye but it goes away after a couple of minutes. I used 5 vials the first day but only thress the next and two day after that.

          I bought two boxes and am planning to use them religiously for 60 days, and then take it from there.

          And yes they are expensive, but it seems over time you use less, and oh to have a drop that provides relief!


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            Are they preservative free? I really want to stop the restasis, but I'm so afraid to go back to the burning pain I had before. I am certainly not where I would like to be either, but the burning is much better.



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              Oasis is preservative free.
              Never play leapfrog with a unicorn.


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                Di, what are you doing up at 4 a.m.??? Fussy baby? I just can't sleep.
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                  I have tried them months ago--- and again yesterday when my eyes were so dry--I don't like them.. They tend to burn after a few uses.. I am sure some people love them but I guess the Glycerin in them doesn't work for me.