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Dwelle - why I think it's working better for me this time...

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  • Dwelle - why I think it's working better for me this time...

    I am posting this in the hopes that it might be of use to anyone starting on Dwelle for the first time...

    As some of you may know, I gave Dwelle a try ages ago, but quit after less than a day because I didn't like the way it made my eyes feel... it stung when I put it in, and my eyes would feel gritty in between doses...this worried me, so I quit.

    This time, I did things differently...

    Dr. Holly had posted an explanation for the stinging with Dwelle... after reading his explanation of the cause of the stinging, and his indicating that normally within 1-2 weeks of exclusive use of Dwelle the stinging should subside, I was reassured to keep at it. If I recall correctly, the polymer in his eyedrops causes stinging if your corneal epithelial layer is damaged from the dry eye.... as you use his drops and your epithelial layer heals, the drops will no longer sting.

    While waiting for the Dwelle to arrive, I started using an old bottle of Nutratear (another of Dr. Holly's drops) that I had lying around. I used this drop exclusively during this trial period. Sure enough, within approx. 1.5 weeks, my eyes no longer stung when I put them in. When Dwelle arrived, I discarded the Nutratear (it was expired), and switched to exclusive use of Dwelle. Dwelle no longer stung my eyes! I am noticing that now Dwelle feels as soothing going into my eyes as any other good drop I had ever used in the past.

    So... if Dwelle stings your eyes at first, it may be worth a shot to just keep at it...
    Yet another post-Lasik (2005)...
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    Thanks for the tip. I look forward to trying it at night.