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Bacitracin Ointment for MGD

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  • Bacitracin Ointment for MGD


    I'm wondering if anyone has used/is using bacitracin opth. ointment at night for their dry eyes/mgd.

    I was given a tube of bacitracin years ago, when I was in college and developed a sty. After I had a corneal abrasion/ulcer and that healed, I proceeded to have the occasional erosion (I didn't know what they were at that time) and I would use the ointment overnight and feel so much better.

    Fast forward to today: I have been using it almost nightly for a whole month. I read that using it continuously can cause another infection--even fungal? I'm wondering if anyone has any insight on this...

    Other nighttime ointments and gels just don't seem to cut it. Last week I tried GenTeal gel drops for at night, and I paid for it for the next three days with scratchy, painful eyes. The bacitracin makes me feel almost normal. Could this have something to do with counteracting the bacteria in my eyelids?

    Any comments you have on this would be much appreciated.
    Wishing you all a good eye day!!

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    It probably does reduce the bacteria on your lid margins
    I have been using an antibiotic ointment on my lid margins for nearly a year now each night and I am soo much better


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      i've been using bacitracin for about 6 weeks now, and i don't notice much of a difference...maybe just slightly better. My doc prescribed it precisely to counteract bacteria on my lids that cause MGD, that could probably be why youre feeling better


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        Bacitracin is an old antibiotic, which may and almost ceratinly mean that many bacteria have volved to decrease their sensitivity to it.

        I would also be caustious about using an antibiotic with the purpose of killing bacteria for a long time. That is because it helps the bacteria develop resistance, and promotes the growth of the resistant organisms (incl fungi).

        If you want to use an antibiotic to kill bacteria, try a new thing, like Azythromycin drops. They work very fast and people have reported huge success. Besides that they seem to help inflammation.

        If you want to fight inflammation with an antibiotic long-term, take Doxycycline. (at low dosages though,ex. 50-100 mg daily).