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Long-Term Progress on Dr. Holly's drops: Update

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  • Long-Term Progress on Dr. Holly's drops: Update

    I greatly miss tracking all that is happening here, and I apologize in advance that I shall not be able to follow closely any responses to what I shall post here today. I did want to be sure, though, to report that approximately 2.5 years in to my consistent treatment only with Dwelle and/or FreshKote (on awakening, and just before bed), I am still, to my amazement, improving. I am now completely stable, never needing to resort to my moisture chambers, and I rarely, if ever, experience any grittiness or dryness. Significantly, I literally never experience burning pain, which was the bane of my existence for the 10 years before I found Dwelle.

    Eye exams continue to show my tear film break up time to be poor, e.g. 1 to 5 seconds; but the drops have done something to my ocular surface that enables me not to experience this examination finding as a symptom.

    And so I continue to work a desk job right under an air vent, march around huge big-box stores, and brave the winter elements of the Midwest, all without protective eyewear (which I wore religiously for 10 years).

    I describe this as continuing progress, because the frequency with which I remember that I have a diagnosis of DES is going down. .. There are whole days when I don't seem to be aware of my eyes. . .

    I haven't had time to monitor how many have come on board with Dr. Holly's drops since my last visit, but I continue to crusade, just in case there is anyone still out there who is hesitating to give this strategy a good, LONG try. . .
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    Love hearing from you! What great news! Thanks for sharing; I'm a bit jealous hearing it. I'm hanging there, but have a loooong way to go before I could manage as you are.

    I had one last baby five months ago, and didn't expect this to be my pivotal year with regard to my eyes. But I will push on!

    Never play leapfrog with a unicorn.


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      Absolutely fantastic news. I would love to try the dwelle or freshcote and decrease the restasis, but I worry about my chronic inflammation. Would dwelle help with that at all?



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        It's always great to hear success stories like this! Thanks so much for posting this update!
        Yet another post-Lasik (2005)...
        Anyone have a time machine so I can go back and undo this mess?


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          Great News

          Thats fantastic news Rozjen! I am so happy to hear of your success

          You were one of the first people I "met" on DEZ when I joined nearly 2 1/2 yrs ago and your messages were always heart felt and wise. I remember being and still am in awe of your strength having dealth with DE for so long. You gave me hope that no longer how long you have DE recovery is always possible.

          I am happy to report that while I did not go the Dwelle route I too have experienced success. I have reached the level of manageability with my dry eye. Like you I work at a desk job, which I onced believed was impossible, and work extensively on the computer. I have learned tricks to manage this.

          Thanks again for all your words of encouragement!

          If life is a bowl of cherries, then why I am I stuck in the pits!


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            yea! for dwelle

            This is the first time I have been here for months, I have been doing so well. Have been on Dwelle exclusively for over 2 yrs (along with Dr Latkany eye spa routine, & back to glasses, losing the contacts) --but even with the blepharitis cleared up, I can't imagine doing without dwelle-

            I can also now survive the grocery store and even a super walmart.

            It may be slow, but in 20 years it is the first time there was improvement instead of a steady increase in dryness. It is difficult many times to believe it can get better, but 20 years ago there was no resource like this site for information and products.