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  • Another Dwelle fan

    I had Lasik surgery on June 5 and have suffered from dry eye since then. I have tried many different drops, (including Restasis) tranquileyes, Saran wrap, taping my eyes shut, rice baggy, humidifiers, goggles, lid massages and scrubs.

    I ordered Dwelle and have been using it only at bedtime for one week and I am experiencing a significant improvement in dry eye symptoms! Before Dwelle my eyes would be bone-dry upon awakening and while they are still somewhat dry, it is much better.

    I use TheraTears or Optive to get going in the morning and the eye comfort lasts throughout the day. Before Dwelle, TheraTears and Optive did nothing.

    I am down to Dwelle at night, goggles while I drive, lid scrubs with warm water and a Q tip morning and night, and a drop of Optive a couple of times a day. And I am finally starting to feel normal! Yay!

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    Sounds great, Kate. Something else I would recommend to further you in the comfort department is wearing Tranquileyes at night, with or without the foam inserts. Apparently our lacrimal glands rest at night, which is the reason we wake up with dry eyes in the A.M.

    I put in the Dwelle, put on my Tranquileyes, and I'm good to go until the morning.

    - Rose


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      I wish I could say the same... I ordered my first Dwelle recently and started to use it at daytime too, but it stings a bit and irritates my eyes and I had to stop using it.
      I don't know, maybe it's just a coincidence that my eyes became red and burning couple of days after using Dwelle... maybe I should give it another try.


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        Avee, it's not just you. I actually now have allergic conjunctivitis from trying Dwelle again. Dwelle stings, burn and irritate my eyes horribly. I am documenting it this time because I used it a year ago too with the same reaction (although not as severe) and then ordered it again a few weeks ago because I forgot how I reacted to them last time.

        It just goes to show how different each of use is with regard to what works and what doesn't. The longer I suffer with dry eyes the more I realize that "one size does not fit all". I'm back to my Systane Ultra pf vials.


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          It's always possible to be allergic to a component of any drop... so yes it's best to keep track of anything that you've had a reaction to to prevent a recurrence with it or something similar. Sorry to hear about your experience.
          Rebecca Petris
          The Dry Eye Foundation