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Tears Again Spray in the US-I need answers!

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  • Tears Again Spray in the US-I need answers!

    Hello all-
    Hope you guys had a happy holiday...I'm new to this site, and I've been looking for threads about Tears Again Spray (the US version), and I've read through all of them, and I still don't know the final verdict. I've heard of them before..has anyone here actually used them (the Ocusoft brand)? I'm debating on buying them...I'm a little suspicious, don't want to waste money. They sound like more of a wrinkle cream than anything, with the vitamins and, any thoughts?

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    The "advanced" liposomal formula is, as far as the ingredients divulge, not liposomal. The other formula is the one we market over here as Eye Logic - works great with lots of clinical back up.

    It is intended for evaporative dry eye, so if you know that isn't your problem, then it isn't for you, if it is, then it, well, is