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which drops are very effective for dry eye?

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    ahhh.well i tried clinitas ultra 3 and stopped after couple goes cause of the stinging thought they just didnt suit,i should of carried on using them then.
    i do get a tiny bit of white residue on my lashes but nothing major.

    i to was worse off using hot compresses so i stick to cold ones whey get really bad,ive apprently got inflammtion so i have to avoid heat.


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      what works for me is switching drops, my eyes get irritated more if i use the same ones for weeks. At night though I always use Dwelle.

      also I dropped doing lid scrubs - did absolutely nothing for me at all. I sometimes now use blephasol or 'lid scrub' lotion to clean my eyes in the morning - couple of sweeps only, to clear overnight debris but no water or cotton buds routine for me -it was absolutely not working.
      just keep swimming...


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        thanks for your input on clinitas.Think im defo gonna try them coz they sound quite good.Its all trial & error isn't it.Im gonna steer clear of warm compresses from now on.
        Im just wondering does everyone use a lid scrub?I never have done but thinking should i?I suffer with inflammation of the sclera so have always thought lid scrubs might irritate my eyes even more