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any views on soothe xp emollient eye drops?

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    my doc prescribes azasite...expensive but good


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      peepers, when you try the genteal gel get the preservative free kind. The other day I accidently bought the wrong kind and had a bit of a sting today to it had to run out and get the right kind. another waste of $10 for me thought i would mention it


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        thanks izzy! Gonna try & order 1 today


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          Originally posted by beatles116 View Post
          my doc prescribes azasite...expensive but good
          Is this a drop?


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            Hi Peepers

            Azasite (azithromycin) is a prescription eye drop that helps treat bacterial conjunctivitis. I don't think it's available in the Europe or UK yet.

            I wrote to the company some time ago; one of the problems was finding partners in Europe to distribute it - but of course then it would need approval from N.I.C.E. and that could take time.

            I don't even know if a doctor could prescribe it on a `named patient' basis, like they can with Restasis (even though it's prohibitively expensive when they do that).
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              Recently got a bottle of Dwelle here at the Shop.
              For me they work the best. What irritates me the most
              with drops is the blurryness they leave. Dwelle leaves
              none and does the job.

              But, I was using Optive drops before, and they worked good for me
              with similar results, but I had to use them more often.

              Someimes less is more.

              My Dry Eye Story:


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                Didn't Work for Me

                I tried this and my eyes hurt as soon as I put it in...must be the preservatives. I tried another one, Refresh PM and it worked great.
                diagnosed with dry eye, blepharitis and also crohn's disease.