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is flushing the eye with systane safe?

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  • is flushing the eye with systane safe?

    I was cleaning my eyebrows with Nizoral shampoo. I did it fast before work on Friday. I was careless and I let a HUGE eyebrow hair (or 2 hairs) slide into my right eye. I am so upset. Went to the eye doc and he told me to move the eyeball and he looked inside. It's a HUGE hair and it isn't painful just feels soooooooooo annoying! He told me he couldn't find anything and the appt. was over. The right eye looks smaller than the left one, but when I try to squirt unisol, it doesn't full go into the lower pocket on my right eyelid. I can only squirt a stream of unisol by lifting my upper eyelid. It only barely makes it move. Crying only makes it move a little. My uncle works as an optician and I told him what happened and he said he'd give me a ton of systane ultra samples to flush that eye with. He says it's THICKER and I'll have better luck with it than Unisol or tap water. Is it safe to try?? I really can't be like this for many days. I work in a lab and use a microscope a lot and I don't want this thing bothering me every 5 minutes. Help!


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    Especially since this is a one time thing, I can't imagine that using the Systane will cause any harm.
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      I woulldn't think it would do harm either. Good luck with this. luccy
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        different systanes

        Thanks guys, Think I'll try this. Does it matter which systane is used? I saw like 3 types: systane ULTRA (pink one); regular systane (bottle); and regular systane preservative-free. Do they all work the same? advantages/disadvantages?