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Anybody Ahd This Problem With Drops?

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  • Anybody Ahd This Problem With Drops?

    Hi All

    Ive been on the same drops for months now and suddenly theyve started stinging but they never done that before,so im like whats happening im worried now.
    anyone else had this problem or can explain it,duno what to do im kinda to scared to use em now but always use em.

    there clinitas soothe ones

    any input


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    Yes Kate - that has been my experience also.

    I don't know if it's something to do with ocular surface changes; I asked my consultant for clues but he said it just happens - and it's more likely to happen to people like us who already have very fragile eyes.


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      hi Irish eyes

      ah right,might sound crazy but im like yikes what if its a bad batch of drops or sumit and theres soemthing wrong with them lol

      but if its the norm then will feel better not sure wether to try em again but no idea which ones to buy as ive tried them all.

      thanks for the input,your always so helpful


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        I use clinitas ultra 3 and i notice that sometimes they sting on instillation and other times they dont
        I tried to work out why -- I came to the conclusion that if my bleph/MGD was bothering me ie eyelids were sore the drops stung and if eyelids were not so sore the drops did'nt sting

        Maybe thats the same with you and clinitas soothe

        With me the stinging goes away after about 30 seconds


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          hi Stella

          so i supose its like if ur eyes are more irritated or drier then they can sting,its just ive used them for months and months and this is the only time its done it.
          bit of worrier thats all lol

          thanks for your input as well its reasurring to know