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Eyes very dry in morning even when using gel drops

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  • Eyes very dry in morning even when using gel drops

    Hi everyone,

    Anybody use gel drops (like theratears liquid gel) and put it in before bedtime? I do this every night and I still wake up every morning with my eyes feeling very dry and almost like they're stuck together. Any other ideas on what to do to combat nighttime dryness and morning dryness? I have a sleep mask and tranquileyes goggles as well but just curious as to what you all recommend.



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    You have to put the gel in 2-3 times during the night. My dry eyes wake me up....I don't sleep deeply at all. Might be hard for somebody who sleeps through the night or takes a sleeping aid.

    True....eyes in the morning are crusty and glued together. My right eye is the worst. I have to put vial drops on my lashes just to get them open. Then off to the sink to wash my eyes.....and put in more drops (daytime ones, though).



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      I am awake several times a night--for various reasons. I always do everything I need/or will need to do in the near future to have everything on the same timeline as much as I can. 2-3 times UP during the night is my norm. I say UP because it's more than just grabbing the gel or drops off the bedstand and pouring them in my eyes (and down my cheeks etc.).

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        sorry to hear that. i guess its more common than i thought to have to put in multiple drops during the night... i think its funny that on the back of the theratears box it says a "non-crusting all night formula" when crusting occurs every morning