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Equate Gentle Lubricant Eye Drops preserved with Dissipate

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  • Equate Gentle Lubricant Eye Drops preserved with Dissipate

    Anybody ever heard of Equate eye drops? You get them from walmart. They're 0.3% Hypromellose with Dissipate as a preservative. Anybody have experience with this eye drop and is the preservative good or bad?


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    It's one of many generics for Refresh, more or less. Dissipate is one of the so-called dissipating preservatives and it's also used in the Tears Again drops.

    If you use this be CAREFUL to only get the one with "gentle" in the name. The other Equate artificial tear I've seen around has benzalkonium chloride. The FDA really ought to prohibit the use of that stuff in artificial tears.
    Rebecca Petris
    The Dry Eye Foundation


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      i actually made the mistake yesterday of buying tears with BAK in it. I wanted to test to see if i have an allergy to methylcellulose so I bought bausch and lomb advanced eye relief rejuvenation. I checked the back of the box and didn't see anything listed as "whatever as preservative" so i bought it. Then later on before I put them in I checked the ingredients again and saw that benzalkonium chloride was the preservative. it said this on the bottle but not on the box.... so pretty much got tricked by it. do you recommend a drop with propylene glycol i can use to test this out? preferably one that is preservative free?