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  • problems with nightly salve


    I wonder if anyone else has this problem:using a salve at night that seems to make things worse--to me, at least. I have seen 2 corneal specialists before staying with the 2nd one. (Also have a retinal spec, as my R. retina detached 3 times. Vision is down in it, but I am just glad to have the eye! No matter what, I am advised to use either Tears Naturale Free for cleaning in the AM, or go to the baby shampoo diluted to do a lid scrub, then soak with a warm compress in the AM. I am advised to use Celluvisc drops--really thick, hourly, during the day and swap to Refresh PM ointment at night. (I have SLE and Sjogren's, but have been advised not to go with the lupus regime because the other retina is very thin) However, even with the humidifier and a sleep mask, I feel the use of the ointment is not the best idea. It reminds me greatly of frosting on a cake that starts out moist, then sort of hardens into a shell over night. That is not comfortable, helpful, or effective in my opinion. It simply hurts when I open my eyes in the AM. (I have asked about other regimes and been assured this is the best, and really the only appropriate one). And trutfully, I believe the slight crusting on my eyelids is a result of the Celluvisc, nothing more. As soon as I do the AM scrub, my eyes feel better, after the PM scrub, same feeling of relief. I have a homemade rice baggie that does soothe, also.

    I have tried sleeping in the Celluvisc alone-more crusting! Lately, I have used the Tears Naturale Free in place of the thick Celluvisc; it does feel better and I have less of a red eye. But the night poses it's own problems as I am sure anyone out there who has felt that stabbing, burning AM feeling. I have a history of 3 corneal ulcers; the last one did a bit of scarring. I had one time with Restasis and it made me feel sick; also I have had shingles in my eyes--treatment was $500.00 that month, so the Restasis is off the table.

    I find I must be pro-active. My corneal specialist was unavailable and I was sent to another opthalmologist who was totally unsympathetic, did not do a very complete eye exam, and made the comment that I had certainly seen 'a lot of eye doctors.' He was a real jerk-his office staff quietly confirmed that this was not unusal behavior for him. I did end up asking him if he was "full service' in that he could do it all. I did not ask for meds, simply help!

    I am so frustrated and feel as though as I no longer own my eyes! Any suggestions?

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    I couldn't help but hone in on your comment about having had shingles. At one point in time that was what I believed caused my eye problems. The doctor had prescribed Valtrex for me and I thought this had somewhat helped. Did your case of shingles finally run its course?

    I also have problems with the PM salves. I have given up on them and use a lubricating drop such as those prescribed for daytime use. I find this is better for me. There is far less pain and burning.


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      I agree with you on the eye ointment. When I wake up in the morning, but eyes feel very sticky and gooey, which is just as uncomfortable as them feeling dry. The ointment really didn't seem to help at all. Although, I did find that the ointments with the highest percentage of mineral oil were better than those with the highest percentage of petrolatum. At the recommendation of others I tried the Genteal Gel (even though I hated the Genteal Gel Drops). I found the gel to be the best nighttime solution so far.

      Have you tried the Tranquileyes? My nighttime routine is rice baggy compress, put in Genteal Gel, then put on Tranquileyes and fall asleep. I also sleep with a humidifier on my nightstand.

      I use the Occusoft foaming lid wash even though I don't have blepharitis or morning crusting. It just makes my eyes feel clean and refreshed. I know some people started with baby shampoo, but then switched to the Occusoft products.


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        I have a different set of issues so cant comment on your issues, however there is one I am familiar with - morning crusting.
        You say that when this happens you experience pain when opening your eyes.

        For me, I have to overcome my sleepy desire to just open my eyes and instead concentrate on not moving them whilst I apply a runny lubricant to dissolve the crystals in my eyelashes and sticking my eye and lid together.
        I gradually apply more as I tease my eye and lid apart just enough to let a drop seep through and then wait for a little while until I can feel it working. Then repeat every 30 seconds-1 minute or whatever feels right for you on that day.

        This process can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours depending on how bad you are - but if it saves you from the pain and further damaging your eyes its got to be worth it.

        Its also worth noting that different peoples eyes react differently to different lubricants and I went through a dozen specialists before finding a corneal specialist willing to try alternatives that had the scientific principles behind them, in relation to the needs of my eyes, that would give them the possibility of helping.

        Something to try if you haven't already..

        Good luck


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          Something you might like to try for night is GenTeal Gel. It is not like petroleum jelly (vaseline). It is stronger than the liguid drops and it's just been a favorite with dry eyed patients. You should ask your doctor, though.

          Don't trust any refractive surgeon with YOUR eyes.

          The Dry Eye Queen