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Trying BioTears and Dwelle

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  • Trying BioTears and Dwelle

    I received an order for BioTears Gel Caps. A few years ago, I seemed to have felt some sort of dry eye pain after having going through treatment for a prolactinoma, and ordered it just to try it out. It did seem to have helped with the recovery, though my reckoning is a little vague. Anyhow it's just been two days since I started taking it, and it seems to have a surprising effect on me. It seems that when I do take it any eyelid pain that I feel gets soothed a bit, and my eyes seem to feel a bit more watery, or at least I get a sensation of freshness.

    I also received my order for the Dwelle tears after all the positive comments I had read. Usually, the other drops I tried quickly stung my inner eyelids, to the point where using the product created so much irritation that it wouldn't be worth the hassle.

    This time around it seems to be a little different. I've read Rebecca's advice and it does sting my inner eyelids after I put it go. However as the minutes pass a lot of the feelings of stinging/stiffness/pressure wane. And I do seem to appreciate the effect on a longer term.

    Something definitely seems to be different, I really do seem to feel like my eyes are less dry than they used to be. So far it seems like my inner eyelids are sometimes a bit more red with the two of both of these products, but I feel a bit more comfortable. I still feel constant stinging of varying degrees, but it stings less, it seems to be a bit tamed and a bit more uniform. I'm going to keep using these products daily and cross my fingers...
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    I think I've found out especially what hurts so much in my inner eyelids (especially the left and right upper corners of my left and right eyes). I think it's the tiny blood vessels on the surface of the inner eyelids. I suppose they're bigger on the upper eyelids since there's the eyelashes, much longer than at the bottom of the lids. From what I've observed so far my MG seem to be fine, they don't seem to be clogged and I've yet to see any nasty deposits of any kind.

    If BioTears seems to have such an effect, I guess it could be related to my diet. I think it was quite lacking in certain regards since I'm a student and tend to pick a lot of cheap stuff. Maybe I needed some vitamins or other such nutrients.

    I've gone to a day of college, and I seem to be a bit more sensitive to certain types of air conditioning. Nothing too bad, still somewhat annoying. Like I said it seems like the soreness is a bit more constant in the inner eyelids, but tamer.

    From my reckoning, it seems that it's because my eyes finally began to get a bit more wet, and so the inner eyelids will hurt this way because of the evaporation that takes place.

    But there really is something different, my eyes feel wetter and more fresh, and the stinging sensations are a lot tamer than they used to be. In just three days of taking BioTears!


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      As Rebecca described, Dwelle started acting differently. At first it made my inner eyelids feel pretty irritated, and very heavy. But now progressively I noticed that the stinging has gone down a lot, and it's been replaced by soothing. My eyelids still feel irritated for a while but it seems to progressively diminish. I'm willing to put up with it if it quite possibly means benefits in the long term.

      I read that I'm supposed to use it on a long term period, but if I want to try to use it to cure my dry eyes, how many times a day am I supposed to use it? I try to use it two times a day as of now, but I must admit that it still feels like a very heavy drop. My upper inner eyelids in particular feel very heavy for a bunch of hours, and the corners sting a bit and feel stiff. Would once a day be OK? Perhaps with a milder drop once in a while?

      I'm going to try the saline trick, perhaps it will make the acclimatization period more bearable...
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