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  • Blink tears

    Anybody here using them? how do they compare to all the other run-of-the-mill drugstore drops?
    Rebecca Petris
    The Dry Eye Foundation

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    I tried them a while back, but didn't find them to be that great. My eyes were psycho-dry at that point though... so maybe for someone with less severe dryness they would be ok...
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      I've used them in the past and they are among my favorites. They are a little slick/slimy (in a good way) without being too viscous or blurry. I found them to be very similar to Systane.


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        I use them from time to time (when I feel I need a little break from Hylocomod, Thera Tears and Systane), and they are ok but not fantastic in any way. They contain hyaluronic acid and that's great, but for me Hylocomod works better in the long run.


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          I'd say it's an avg OTC drop

          No real difference compared to Systane Ultra...


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            Blink tears

            I have tried these in the past but they did not help my dry eyes.


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              if they are no real difference to systane ultra i would try them out because they're a lot cheaper at walmart than systane. i think last time i checked you could get a pack of 2 (thats 1.0 oz) for like 6.50 and 0.5 oz of systane ultra was like 9 bucks. i'm going to look more into these


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                I tried them at Christmas when I my luggage was lost when I was in the UK, I was really sceptical with the lady in the chemist about them being 'really' for dry eye as they're packaged like the kind of drop you get just to re-wet lenses.

                however, I was pleasantly surprised. I regularly use drops with hyaluronic acid, I find they don't blur and if I use them regularly they do ok. I found they felt nice in the eye and did the job at hand.

                on the downside, I found blink v expensive for a small box (for the UK this is) but I was buying otc and drops can be cheaper online.

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